10 Amazing Baby Facts You Never Knew

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Mommies claim to know everything about their babies. But seriously parents, there are some facts you just don’t know about your little ones. In this article we have brought some unbelievably true facts that we are sure you never knew about your baby.


#1 Ever Baby has a moustache even before he was born


Science has proved that all the babies grow moustaches while they are still in their mother’s womb. These hairs are termed as Lanugo, and they actually cover the whole body of the baby.The baby stars eating these hair inside the womb, and when he is born he excretes them, resulting in first bowel moment. The excreted material is called meconium.


#2 babies develop their own brain cells


Your baby has this part called “germinal matrix”, that is responsible for developing her own
brain cells. This part disappears shortly after the birth of the baby.


#3 Your Twins can different Biological fathers and even races


Now many women won’t believe me at all. But it is the truth. If you are having tins and you had sex with two different men before you got pregnant, and while you were ovulating, it is possible that both the twins have different biological fathers and depending on that, even races. If you are thinking how two men can fertilize one egg, well ladies sometimes it is possible that the women release two eggs and both the men fertilized one of them, resulting in twins.


#4 your twins touch each other while they are still inside your belly


Studies have proved that after the fourteenth week of gestation, twins interact with each other by
touching gently each other’s body while still inside the womb.


#5 Taste buds are not just on the tongue

unbelievablefactsaboutbabiesWhen babies are born, the taste buds are not just on their tongues, but also on the roof, sides and back of their mouths.


#6 Your baby is near sighted with gigantic eye balls


When babies are born they are extremely near sighted, and their eye balls are extremely big. This settles down with time, so don’t worry.


#7 Your baby likes your voice more than he likes dad’s voice


Have you heard the term “motherese”? It is that what your baby likes. It is proved that babies like the female’s voice more than they like male voices. So next time when she is shouting at you, don’t blame hr. may be the little one inside her tummy wants to hear her a bit louder.


#8 The little men started getting erection even when he wasn’t actually born


You think I am mocking? Not at all. Trust me, even when your baby was born, he use to have erections inside the womb. Even after birth, erections are common in male babies.


#9 He won’t have tears until he is at least 3 weeks old


Babies don’t cry with tears, not at least until they are 3 weeks old. Usually it is just a scream that comes out, and we take it as crying.


#10 The bulging fontanelle


Fontanelle is actually the soft part of your baby’s skull. It is because at this early age the skull is not fully developed. So next time if you see that this part if bulges out and pulsates, don’t get scared. It is just normal, and trust me he is still human.



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