10 indications that shows you require more water.

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Dehydration basically occurs when your physique does not have a great part of the water as it requires. Water makes it up to 60-80% of our whole muscle to mass, if this requirement is not fulfilled, then various critical issues will start occurring. As we know water is very important for our body if we want to remain active in all aspects of our life, we should intake plenty of water. If you don’t intake enough amount water then your body will start showing the signs of different issues.


1. Your head is pounding.

Basically, the liquid which is present in your body is not completely composed of water, it involve minerals also. As we know that this liquid is constantly used by our body. Water contains such minerals as potassium and sodium. So when you don’t intake enough water, then the level of sodium becomes low. This also influences your brain and result in a headache. As the more your blood volume drops the less oxygen flow to your brain which results in dilation of your blood vessels which strengthen your headache.

2. Pipes are blocked.

Water help wastes food to move easily in the intestine and move out from the body. Though you don’t have enough water in your digestive system, then, it may not have the ability to move food waste efficiently, which results in constipation.


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