15 Funniest GIFs of All Time

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The reason gain in momentum of GIFs popularity have overcome long youtube videos. People prefer gif over videos with unnecessary music and effects. First FB allowed GIF images which reminds users of late 90s about these cool animated pictures which were left unnoticed after the popularity of youtube and other video streaming sites. Now twitter also allows GIFs sharing which let users to tweet their favorite moment in form of GIFs. GIFs are also a very good medium to share memes and funny comments about any occasion or scenario.
Following are the all time (as we think) funniest GIFs you can ever find on internet.

The Cookie Monster Hate Veggies

Cookie Monster No Veggies

Heres a Donut For You

Dodgeball Tire

That Cat won the Oscar

ExxNXoluTMmDHKMtUBK1_Cat Force

Practise makes a man perfect, not a woman

klmqJCzS6qmv0GVhPlEe_Ice Skate Wall

Creed creedCreed creed

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