15 Incredible Panda Facts That Will Make You Want To Save Them

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The chubby, cute looking, black and white pandas are favorite of almost everyone! Panda’s cuteness attracts others to have a look at them. the problem is that these incredible creatures are near extinct majorly because of loss of habitat. scientists and NGOs are trying their best to help save them. the panda, because of its innocent looking face, looks extra cute and have gained attention of the world. Panda’s are very dear to children and kids enjoy panda stuffed toys, movies and cartoon. there are

Here are 15 incredible Panda facts that will make you same them too!

1. The Pandas are native to China and forest is their habitat.

2. the panda live for around 20 years in the wild,while in captivity their life span is 25-30 years.

3. pandas are among the shyest and rarest animals in the world.

 Incredible Panda Facts4. panda’s black and white furs and its black patched eyes have made it the best know species.

5. the giant pandas eat almost 10 kg of bamboo everyday.

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6. in China Pandas are seen as a symbol of peace, decades ago tribes in war used  to raise flag with a picture of pandas to cease fire.

7. pandas do not hibernate as their daily food consumption is high and it doesn’t allow it to hibernate during winters.

8. panda cubs at birth are hairless and their eyes are closed.

9. pandas spend 12 hours each day in eating panda.

10. the mother panda, after giving birth does not leave the den for many days.

funny panda facts11. pandas can bleat, roar,honk and growl.

12. pandas have strong resemblance with raccoon

13. a mother panda is 900 times bigger than her newborn baby.

14. the panda’s mother cradles it’s cub in her paw and holds it close to her heart.

15. there are only 1000 pandas left in the world.


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