18 Hilarious Photos that you shouldn’t be trusting everything you see. #7 is worst ever

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We believe what we see. They say trust is something you have to win, before you get close to someone. But actually, it is human nature to trust on everything they see by their own eyes. when you go to this take away pizza corner, you want to see the pizza first before they give it to you, similarly, when you go for groceries, you again want to see the things you are going to pay for, in order to make sure that they are all just like the way you want them to be. So, if I am going to say that you trust whatever you see, it wouldn’t be wrong. But sometimes, it is better to not to trust everything that is right in front of you. These hilarious pictures are few examples, that will teach you to not to trust your sight THAT MUCH again.

You bought an orange pen for you assignment, but wait a minute, its blue. April fool!


Try breaking me from the center? and I will kill you with sorrow.


You thought you bought the towel that would cover your whole body? May be now you can put that in your baby’s wash-room.


Honey! sit down so I can take a better picture of you!


You paid for one cup full of them? Bitch please!


Hahaha try this with those you hate next time.


She died from raisin poisoning.


12 inch subway burger? may be he ate an inch while he was on the way to you table


Best magic trick ever. I want this kid in the next Presidential meeting of United States of America.


No mater how big it gets, half of the packet has nothing but manufacturers fart in it.


Yes, those inside our just the photographs.


That is how you can trick her into the tub for a bath.


Even if it is fake, I would definitely grab this one.


Keep pushing until the dinner time.


It was just a prank they were playing on you. Don’t take it way too seriously.


Yes, this rope is just for the people at home so they can hang themselves from the fan.


He though he is smart enough and won’t fall down.


Try harder next time.


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