20+ Painful Moments That Make Every Woman Say “WTH”.

zainab naveed 5180 Views

1. At the point when your shiny new panty hose rip and you don’t have another pair to change it.


2. The point when you drop your cosmetic brush in the sink and it gets moist, but you haven’t completed the process of putting makeup yet.


3. when you get your hair in a straightener or hair curling accessory and it rips off and your scalp is crying.


4. when you cut your legs while shaving even you try hard to avoid this.


5. When you paint your nails and you think it got dried, then you go to check it and this happened .


6.When you look in the mirror and figure out that you have lipstick all around your teeth and nobody have told you about this.


zainab naveedzainab naveed

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