25+ forgotten images from National Geographical photographers that makes you speechless!

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As we know, picture expresses everything about a situation. National Geographical Photographers are popular because they provide us those pictures which take us in the past and left us speechless.They also provide an opportunity to get involved in the archives of previously unpublished or forgotten images.
A project named as “Found” was established in 2013 in the honor of NatGeo’s 125th anniversary. The main objective of this project is to bring the pictures back to life by sharing them with a new audience. Some pictures even miss the date and location but captured perfect moments. The photos are uncovered by the Guardian of the Collection William Bonner, who still discover them highly inspiring even after years spent in the archives. William Bonner works with Janna Dotschkal’s and turns the old-time material into new one.

#1. A kiiten was found moving in Victoria Water Lilly Pad in phillippines in 1935.


#2. A White Fallow stag was found in a forest of Switzerland in 1973.


#3. Irish Guards never diveret their attentions.


#4. American bison charge through heavy snow in yellowstone National park in november 1967.


#5. Rock climbers are found near the top of the natural Rock Bridge on Mt.Rainier, washington in May 1963.


#6.A Kitten attacks its own reflection with uncoverd nails.



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