32 simple life hacks that will make your life easier!

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To manage time properly and to stay organized, life hacks makes life easier at every step. these simple ideas are a great way to save your time and make you efficient. from bedrooms to the kitchens, each of us need life hacks to run our lives smoothly. life hacks are simple daily based, low-budget, tricks, skills or methods that make life a whole lot easier. life hacks are a cool way to make our life simpler.

some of the life hacks not only make things simpler for us they also are fun way to chill up our daily routine. from adding ice-cream in Nutella jars to hanging shoe racks in kitchen for better storage, life hacks are a life safer at every moment.

here are some of the best life hacks to provide you solutions for the rather difficult situations in life!

1. Freezing a wet sponge in air tight bags help make icepack that won’t drip all over.

life hacks

2. Tying a colored ribbon on suitcases makes it easier to locate luggage while on the luggage on the conveyor belt. This life hack saves your time on airports!

life hacks


3. This simple life hack turns  cheap bottles into useful dust pans.

life hacks


4. Old used toileteries bottles can be converted into mobile charging holders!




5. Tumble drying shoes saves shoes from being damaged!

simple life hacks


6. Before throwing your nutella jars, taste the lasts of its content with ice-cream.

simple life hacks



8. Best life hack for camping!




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