5 Amazing foods for weight loss

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Did you just get a new hair cut, or a different get up and yet you look dull and boring? Chances are you need to shed off some extra pounds and come into a proper shape!

The first step to feeling young and beautiful is becoming slim , for which you need to take the proper food that will not only help you burn fats but also boost your health.

Here are some foods that will actually help you reduce weight and make you and others love the new you!


weight loss


People spend money on protein shakes and supplements  for protein diets, yet they stay aloof of the fact that adding in egg to your daily eating routine can actually help you reduce weight!

Eggs are rich in protein and keep you fuller for longer. In short having eggs in your breakfast instead of bagels or cereals will keep your stomach full for longer duration, discouraging you to eat anything else for few hours.

So next morning when you open the fridge for your pancake mix, don’t forget about the eggs!



weight loss


Few hours after breakfast when you feel like you cant take it anymore and you have a hunger emergency make sure you don’t forget all about your diets and start eating all the fattening junk food… at this point you should satisfy yourself with fruits…not just any fruit, but fruits that;ll help in fat burning.

‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away…. An apple a day also helps to keep your dietitian away!

Apples are rich vitamins, minerals and fiber, and low in calories, fats and sodium. The fiber content in apples expands in your tummy, fooling it to satisfy with less amount of food. The vitamins and low-sodium property help you stay healthy making you active which in turn will help you reduce weight!



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Although cucumber doesn’t have any prominent weight reducing content nor too much health gaining content, it helps in reducing weight. Cucumbers like watermelon have high water content in them. So they simply help to fill u up without adding calories. You may munch it just like that or toss it in your salad bowl.







Almonds are a nice crunchy snack with low calories, high Vitamin E contents, proteins and fiber. Almonds don’t let you fell hungry for a longer period of time plus they boost the health of your skin too. So start munching almonds without worrying about gaining weight and beautify your skin!




Tomato helps in weight reducing as the abundance of protein Leptin present in it helps speed up the metabolic rate aiding in weight loss. In addition tomatoes are full of antioxidants that means they’ll keep you young for a longer time!

You may have tried hundreds of diet plans that keep you hungry for most of the time, but am sure these foods will help you burn calories without keeping you hungry!

Weight loss with the help of effective tips…STAY FIT!



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