9 hilarious Pictures that show Mom vs Dad on this mother’s day

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Mothers are a true blessing from god.  They are our first best friends, our helpers and literally our everything. The children do not even need to say anything out loud for the mother to know what they want or how they feel. They put their children first and then comes anything else. But is it the same case with the dads? We know a fathers loves his child equally, but on this special day we have a collection of 9 hilarious pictures that show Mom vs Dads. Number three will make you laugh out loud.


1. Bike ride is more fun when you get to ride it !


2. Fun outdoors? Looks like the dad is having more fun.



3. Princess or the Batman’s Bane ? You clearly see who dressed who.


4.A mother knows what’s fun for her child, while the father knows what is fun for him.


5. Too small to reach out to the zoo animal? no problem Dad will take care of that


6. Walk in the park or a political campaign?


7. Feeding the baby is too mainstream


8.A mother knows better how to play


9. They say, video games are man’s bestfriend,even a father’s.


images source ZoomRadio


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