35 Insanely Cute Baby Animal Pictures (#16 is pure cuteness overload!)

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When somebody says the word “Animals”, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? The African safari, maybe? But this post is not at all about that. We guarantee to make your heart melt with the world’s most adorable baby animals’ pictures. No matter how old you are or what gender you are of, these animals will take you heart away with their big gluey eyes and cute innocent faces.

We all need a reason to smile every now and then, and this post of over loaded cuteness will never cease to be a reason to smile! These cute and furry darlings will melt down any heart that dares to look at them. Specially the little fur ball we have at number 12. Who doesn’t like furry buddies anyway? The next time somebody says the word animal, you will have a different perception.. VERY DIFFERENT!


1.Baby Crocodile

He is friendly like this when he grow?
cute animal picturesImage courtesy: reddit.com

2.Baby Dolphin

This is my feeding time..
Baby animalsImage courtesy: ceibal.elpais.com


This little duckling is enjoy swimming in alone.
Baby DuckImage courtesy: wildanimallive.info

4.Baby Hippo

I am hiding from my mother.
Baby HippoImage courtesy: thatcutesite.com

5.Baby Monkey

These innocent eyes can melt you heart in a second!
baby monImage courtesy: dailypicksandflicks

6.Baby Octopus

The most smallest baby i ever seen!
Baby OctupusImage courtesy: boredpanda.com

7.Baby sea otter

Hi there!
baby ottersImage courtesy: blogspot.com


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