How does your Blood type makes you different from others?

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Science and Japaneses researchers claim that blood types have a deep impact on a persons health and personality. though these claims don’t have any solid credentials, the general public seem to believe in them quite strongly. here are a few descriptions how various blood groups impact on human being’s life.

Basically there are 4 types of blood; Blood Group !, Blood group B, Blood Group AB and Blood group O.

Blood Type A:

People who have Blood group A are more sensitive and cooperative than all other blood groups. these people tend to be clever and smart. they also have high anxiety levels and usually keep things inside until their emotions explode. these people are introverts, thoughtful and good listeners. high stress levels can easily weaken their immunity than any other type’s.

The best careers for people with Blood group A include accountant, writer, librarian, economist and computer programmer.

anum usmananum usman

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