Did you know the most intolerant cities in United States according to twitter ?

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As people are organizing themselves on social media and in reality to apply effort in the direction of equal rights and social recognition and approval, it has developed into an obvious that there is a burly unusual group of people who are not for such purpose. As each and every one.

Abodo as determined that Twitter data and established the majority intolerant cities in the United States (and the majority are politically accurate, which you can make sure out).

They appear in terms that go from the sterilized and politically right to trickling intolerant terms that so that grandmother revolve over in her grave (unless she was racialist, then she has high-five for you so encourage).

They attempted to examine their findings “within restricted context,” as they wanted to be healthy within the local glossary, culture, and trends.

I was completely amazed to notice that one of the cities that I hold next to my heart on this list. So using a  word of Shame on you, Buffalo. Shame on you.

Louisiana is the most prejudiced state.


According to Abodo:

Altogether, Louisiana places first with 1,155 slur-containing tweets out of every 100,000, indicating that approximately 1 in 87 tweets originating from Louisiana over the studied time period contained at least one of these slurs. In second is Nevada with 929, and Texas is nearly tied with 925 such tweets per 100,000.

And Baltimore



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