Estimated $750000 filched by Indian Robbers in train through roof top

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The train, in India, carrying money about 3.4 billion rupee, of Central Bank of India, heisted by the robbers, while armed police seated next to the compartment for protection.


The train, while travelling through Southern India, got robbed by cutting the roof top and stole about $750000 on Wednesday, Police .

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More than 300 km long journey, the daring gang performed their heist and was discovered in Chennai, hours later after that incident. The carriage train was taking the money of Central Bank of India which is about 3.4 billion rupee under protection of armed police, sitting next to that compartment.


A four-foot square was made with the cutting torch and suspected to be 6-8 robbers. Superintendent of police P Vijayakumar said that inquiry is under process and the police personnel are also inquired about any bizarre noise or thing.


It was suspected that the robbers might be already hidden somewhere in the compartment. Further, it was also suspected that the robbers might escaped by jumping off the train, making there way on the track or created a manhole and lifted them on the roof from where they shifted the money bag said by head of investigation inspector general of police M. Ramasubramani.

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