Do Your Feet Look Like Any of These? That Means You Have THIS Type of Personality…

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Palmistry is something everyone is familiar with but nobody may give it a thought that the shape of the toes can also be revealing a lot about a person. One’s personality can divulge through it.

Once it was believed that the shape of the feet and toes characteristics and traces of the personality of a person.
Match your feet with the following types of shapes which are as follows and relate this with your personality.

1. The Square Shape:


‘Peasant foot’ is the word which is used to represent this type of shape. People with this shape are considered as calculated, patient and calm. They may not conspicuous, but are immensely consistent.

2. The Stretched Shape

If the shape of the feet is like this, thin, long fingers, then the person gives importance to privacy and carries secrets with it. You are also spontaneous emotional and face mood swings often.


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