Fun Shirts to Define your personality by Aunty Acid #4 will speak your heart out !

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Quite recently a popular figure has taken the social media by surprise with incredible sayings and funny images. This popular figure is Aunty Acid !

Aunty Acid has a popular Facebook page with tons of likes and huge fan following. Recently she decided to come up with some fun T-shirts for us ! These T-shirts define some aspects of our personality and speak the things we wouldn’t normally dare to. So lets wear what we cannot speak aloud. After all actions speak louder than words !

1.Laughter is the best Medicine

As they say laughter is the medicine of all but aunty acid has a better way of saying this ! Laugh till you leak people


2. Bed, the favourite hello and hardest goodbye

For all those who love their beauty sleep !

3. Comfort above all

Would it not be a dream come true if we could roam everywhere in our most comfortable clothes ? Acid aunty has her own way of asking this.


4. For the love of Weekends

Most of us stress out the whole week and wait for the two most beautiful days of the entire week, Saturdays and Sundays ! Wouldn’t it be nice if there existed another day in between ?


5. Dieting

The never ending struggle of dieting and the pain one goes through ! But wait, aunty knows the best diet plan !


6. Annoying people

Aunty Acid has the best solution for annoying people. Slap them 8 times !


7. Laziness at its peak !

To all the lazy people out there !


8. Do you know someone who talks too much ?

This is how you deal with someone who wont stop talking.


9. Big Mouth

Here is a warning for people who don’t know you have a big mouth !


10. Super-mom and Lazy children

When it comes to helping mothers with the daily house cleaning, not many are willing to say yes to it !


11. If Bitching did any good ?


12. As they say, Stupidity has no cure.


13. Regret meeting someone not so special ? Wear these words !


14. Pea sized brains and Melon sized Mouths


15. Are you looking for a dieting tip? Here is one.


16. The heavier, the slower.


17. For the love of Sleep !


18. A Mother is everything to a Child


19. Afterlife Goals ? Checked.


20. Life’s Matra


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