Least Compatible Zodiac Signs That Result in Most Conflicting Relationships!

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Have you ever noticed rivalry between two people for no apparent reasons? No, none of them is actually on the wrong, it’s just their fate, decided by the stars! Yes, you got me right there, zodiac signs not only help us find the best soul mates, they also play a vital role in describing how we behave around other people… so here are some of the least compatible zodiac signs that will help you understand why we dislike some people and yet fail to know the reason!


the least compatible with Aries is cancer and Capricorn whereas Libra is totally opposite to it. People born as Aries have a fiery nature, they are energetic and they are rulling, thus it difficult for them to survive with the introverted and sensitive Cancer and Capricon signs.


Leo and Aquarius are the least compatible with Taurus. Meanwhile Scorpio is totally the opposite of Taurus even though there is a lot of magnetism between these two signs but they don’t get along very well.


Gemini is the light-hearted sign and this quality makes Sagittarius it’s opposite where it’s compatibility with Virgo and Pisces is also not good. though for a shorter period Gemini could be attracted and charmed by Virgo and Pisces but in the long run these signs aren’t a good match.


Though Cancers are known for their compromising nature, but still they have the worst match with Aries, Libra and Capricorn! Cancers are practical and opt for stability in life where as Aries are the fiery partners and Libras are known for their instability thus making themselves the worst compatible signs for Cancers. similarly the much expressive Cancer finds it difficult to survive with the least expressive Capricorn making each other opposites!


known for their ruling nature Leos have difficulty in generally adjusting others according to their will, mostly Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. In Taurus and Scorpio case, Leo kind of has a competition as both signs are headstrong and used to of getting their way, whereas when it comes Aquarius, Leos find them boring and too distant.



Gemini and Sagittarius are the least compatible signs with Virgo while Pisces is it’s opposite. Gemini are rather shallow compared to Virgo which might irritate Virgo when it comes to long term relationships, Virgo and Pisces are totally different, Virgo believes in getting things done while Pisces occupy themselves in day-dreaming, making the two difficult to survive together!


Caner and Capricorn are the least compatible with Libra and Aries is its opposite sign. the family oriented cancers become too occupied with their daily routine life while on the other hand Capricorn are too pushy making themselves difficult people, and Aries’ too bold and bossy nature makes it unlikely to work out a relationship with Virgo!



the adventure lover Scorpios aren’t much compatible with Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. Scorpio and Leo both are powerful signs, making each other a rivalry while the stubbornness in Aquarius and Scorpio make them incompatible for each other.


Virgo, Pisces and Gemini are the least compatible signs with Sagittarius. the practical nature of Sagittarius makes it impossible to tolerate living their life with indecisive Pisces and Virgo. whereas Sagittarius and Gemini, both headstrong won’t survive long together!


Capricorn’s least compatibility is with Aries and Libra while Cancer is it;s totally opposite. the vast difference between the traits of these signs make them impossible to have a long term relationship!



Astrologically, Gemini and Sagittarius are least compatible with Pisces, whereas Virgo is always in conflict with it. Pisces find it difficult to understand the in-depth way of thinking of Gemini while Sagittarius’ practical way of thinking freaks out Pisces. on the other hand Virgo are the fact loving people, totally contradicting the soft and easy going nature of Pisces, thus these three signs area worst compatible for Pisces.


Aquarius Least Compatible Signs are Taurus, Scorpio Opposite Sign is Leo, Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius. Both signs enjoy being in the limelight and getting lots of attention — so there could be conflict,

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