Monster Mathew is for real!

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Hurricane Matthew as seen in a satellite picture is surely a monster. The places it has hit have resulted in high toll deaths and destruction on great scale this hurricane proving it’s monstrous abilities. here are a few of the details regarding the hurricane that at the moment is moving towards Florida and if it makes a landfall it will prove to be one of the deadliest hurricanes in History.

1 present situation of Hurricane Matthew.


Hurricane Matthew is at the moment moving towards Florida and it might hit the FL coast while still category 3. the East coast of Florida is already experiencing tropical storm-forced winds. According to NWS Melbourne the mightiest gust of wind is recorded near Barefoot Bay Florida, reaching up to 74 mph.

the storm may deliver the strongest and most destructive winds of history. according to Bryan Norcross, Hurricane specialist at a National weather channel declared Hurricane Mathew as a storm that hasn’t hit any coast in ages. He has been recorded to have said, “This is like no storm in the record books. I cannot overstate the danger of this storm. Central and north Florida have never been hit by a storm this strong.” he also warned everyone that staying back isn’t a good idea as no one can survive this hurricane.

2. President Obama declares state of Emergency.


President has recently signed an emergency declaration and has announced that national aid will be provided to Florida.

3. Hurricane Matthew kills 264 in Haiti!


the most catastrophic hurricane to strike the Caribbean after 2007, Matthew, made landfall in Southwestern Haiti on Tuesday as category 4 storm. the maximum sustained wind recorded was 230 kph. the hurricane resulted in a high death rate which has yet reached to 264 deaths. most of the people died due to falling trees, flying debris and swollen rivers.

4. Walt Disney World, Florida, shuts down!!



As emergency was declared earlier in Florida due to the approaching hurricane Matthew, the Disney World was shut down until the storm passes away. this is the fourth time that Disney world has closed. Last three times when it was closed was also due to hurricanes, hurricane Floyd in 1999, and hurricanes Frances and Jeanne both in 2004.

5. Gearing up for the worst!

The people evacuating the place that are ordered to be evacuated are gathering a lot of stuff to take along as the officials have warned widespread power outages, flooding and possible tornadoes.

the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott has issued serious warnings. he has also ordered curfew in few communities and has already activated 3500 National Guard troop which according to him is the largest number he has ever activated.

over 2 million people have been ordered to evacuate. her are a few pictures that will explain how people are preparing for this monster!


plywood stocks nearing end as people prepare for Hurricane Matthew.


dried and canned goods’ isles seen emptied at supermarkets.


a woman carries generator and gasoline containers.


people have started covering their glass windows with plywood to limit damage.


People standing in long ques waiting to checkout at super markets after getting things they felt they’d need during this crucial time.


Residents line up at gasoline station.

a lady fills up her car after waiting for a long time.



in advance of Hurricane Matthew, officials gather approximately 250 school buses that would help to evacuate people.


drivers following an evacuation route.

Let’s just hope and pray for the the safety of all those who are under the threat of this catastrophic hurricane!



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