The older version of world’s third most populous city #KARACHI

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Karachi, world’s third largest city is the largest and most populous city of Pakistan. It is situated on the Arabian sea coastline and has two largest and busiest ports of the region. Karachi covers approximately n rea of 3527km2 and has a population of over 23.5million. Karachi is also known as the City of Quaid as it’s the birth and burial place of Pakistan’s leader and founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Karachi being the third most populous city of the world is also ranked as 7th largest urban city of the world and the largest city in the Muslim world. Karachi is Pakistan’s center of economic activity and trade. Karachi being the nerve center of Pakistan’s economy generates 70% of country’s revenue.

Karachi has gone through a lot of advancements which has led to it being the hub of Pakistan’s trade and economy. It has seen a lot of expansion in the information and communication technology and electronic media. Foreign investors and traders have shown great interest in this city. One of the most significant growths in Karachi is in the IT sector leading to foreign companies opening their call centers in the area. Majority of the multinational companies have their headquarters in Karachi.

Karachi is one of the ancient cities of the world. It has a lot of historical significance. It was known as the krokola by the was the place where Alexander the great camped before his campaign in the Indus Valley. It was also known as Barbarikon, a port belonging to the Bactrian Kingdom. Later Karachi became famous as Debal among the Arabs, a place from where Mohammed Bin Qasim set his army to conquer the south asia in 712 AD. Later on it was founded as Kolachi by the Baloch tribes of the region.

The name Karachi was for the very first time used in a Dutch document in 1742 when a merchant ship de Ridderkerk shipwrecked nearby its coast.

Let’s have a sneak a peak in the near history of this historical city of Karachi with these amazing pictures that we’ve gathered for you!

1. Historic picture of Clifton Beach, Karachi


2. A Parsi family in Karachi in motor car, 1925


3. The Empress Market [Karachi]1900


4. KPT Building and Tram chasing a camel


5. Old meriwether tower karachi


6. Carpet Weaving in Karachi Jail, 1873

Carpet Weavers in Karachi Jail in Sindh - 1873source:

7. Shops in old Karachi


8. 1962 Jacqueline Kennedy perches on camel in Karachi


9. Roadside Dentist in old Karachi

Old-and-rare-Photos-of-Karachi-Roadside-Dentist-in-Karachi-Old-and-rare-Pictures-of-Karachisource: nativepakistan

10.A hotel and pub in Karachi’s Malir area.


11. Vintage & Classic Car Club of Pakistan -796611


12. Street Dentist Karachi in 1950s


13. KMC Building, 1950s


14. At the Gymkhana, Karachi, 1940

018 At the Gymkhana, Karachi, 1940source:

15. Signals Platoon of the 1st Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment, at Napier Barracks, Karachi, 1940. Seated in the centre is signals officer Lieutenant Nigel


16. Mr. Jinnah cuts his last birthday cake, 25 December 1947, Karachi, along with his sister Fatima Jinnah and Mayor Hakim M Ahsan.


17. Elphinstone Street, Karachi


18. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s tomb under construction, Karachi.


19. 1940s: Polish Jews seek refuge during WWII in Karachi

20. India’s High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr. Sita Ram laying the wreath on Jinnah Sahib’s grave in Karachi in 1949


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