A single Facebook Post gave 500 Thanks to this man, rather than from no customers.

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He is a 31-year-old Colin Ross. Similar to others who are living in Alberta, he took a leave off from his job that was in the oil industry. Thanking him, as opulence for others as sagging-and-sinking-towards-their-run of luck. Lethbridge tenants have turned all over the way.


For the very first time Whitbie’s Fish & Chips was visited by him on last Saturday. “As I stepped in and buzzed the doors, an old guy was sitting on the chair just there,” BuzzFeed Canada proclaimed Ross. “No feeling was there on that spot.”


A Scottish immigrant John McMillan was that old guy who was 69-year-old, and the owner of that restaurant.

“Spectacular” was eaten by Ross and he perceived that the environment of the place was elegant and seized with responsibility.


“As I was strung out,” said by him. So where the public was and McMillan said he was making an every effort to get the people in the door.

“He declared that he is not even able to pay himself, and from the very last few months have been very unfavorable as he has ever been through” said Ross.

Ross, who had a practice and backdrop in marketing, came forward to help McMillan but on the other side he oscillated Ross to the bottom. “As he glade me off and I shut in and awed about it and I had an idea, I will make an amiable post for him on social media.”


He posted photos of the shop with an appeal to people to make a visit to McMillan.

“To everyone who knows me, as I carry a big heart and I want people to do blooming” Ross posted, “supremely to a 70-year-old man who has devoted his time in such restaurant.”

“The owner of such pearl, a real elegant outstanding guy, so I appeal everyone in Lethbridge to share this post around and do abutment to such harding working gentleman,” written by him.

And it expanded. The post was almost shared more than even 8,000 times and the people and crowds were facing towards Whitbie’s. More than 400 visits was made on Tuesday and followed by 500 the very next day.


Ross said McMillan deserves this, as it the hard work of many years.

“He is an extremely good-hearted and superb amazing guy. I have received a very good sensation”, said Ross.

Whitbie’s is too much busy now-a-days that a line was found outside the door and filling the parking lot on Wednesday.


In the seven years of business, the biggest crowd is now being handled by McMillan.


McMillan told Global News as it has always has been his dream to open a fish and chips restaurant and now thanking to Ross’s post, hundreds of people are taking joy of such dream.

“He did it out of the kindheartedness and Lethbridge came and laid it out to the good will of their hearts,” McMillan told Global.

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