Teen fills Select Stadium with 10500 teddy bears in memory of his friend who died

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10,500 teddy bears are collected by Widness Teen Aidan Jackson in the honor of Olivia Alice, who unfortunately died at the age of 15.

Stuffed animals,toys decorated at the Select Stadium by a friend, for a friend in her honor, who left this world only when she was just 15 years old. It took almost 6 hours from 9am to 3am to fill the seats with those cute stuff. Through this, Aidan, who was only 14, arranged this in a Rugby stadium for the fund raising of Olivia Alice Foundation, named after his friend died at 15.


Aidan said that at that time her sister, who was in China, shared his project with her professor and he asked the students to purchase stuffed toys. One woman donated 500 bears, but his favorite one among them was a big white bear with a trench coat. He did so because her friend loved stuff toys.

People can also donate money as well. Aidan and Olivia met at a local swimming club. When she died, two years ago, in honor of Olivia, he decided to do it.

Aidan raised £2,600 for Olivia Foundation with his family and donated equipment to a hospital last year. Also he raised £6,500. Olivia was getting his treatment at Children’s Hospital and Claire House Children’s Hospice till the end of his life.

Amna AyubAmna Ayub

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