These 18 hilarious pictures proving that parenting is the toughest job in the world. #11 made me laugh so hard!

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Do you really think that whatever mummy daddy did for you was nothing? well then you really have no idea what a great deal of problem you were for them well you were little. these pictures prove that parenting is the most difficult job in the world. No offense but these did things that made their parents’ life miserable,  personally, they cracked me up.

1 I tried to pee without any help this time.


2 Honey I thought its only make-up that can make one look horrible.


3 Someone just placed them over the table. I am going to help!


4 Daddy was so touched to see this as she resembles her mother in makeup!


5 Poor kid, mummy thought may be she can eat the half of it without letting him know.



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