Things that you thought had no purpose!

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Have you ever looked at a thing and wondered why it exists? I have. And I am pretty sure many of you too have thought the same at least once in a lifetime. Like why do rulers have a hole at one end? Now that I’ve one question, you’d be anxiously waiting for a reason… it simply to hang it! Relieved right? So here are more such answers that will help you out of this misery.

The removable cap at the end of a paper cutter.


When you zoom in at the blade you’ll see some lines on the blade. These are the line where you can break off the blade once it loses its strength as a blade, using the removable cap at the back of the blade.

2. Why a hairpin has one side plain and the other grooved?


The grooves on the hairpin are there to hold the hair more firmly. Plus remember to use the pin properly that is the groovy part is the bottom while the plain side goes as the top.

3. The hole in the pan’s handle.

Well yes, this hole surely helps you hag the pans but have you ever felt irritated about the messy counter tops that you have to clean after cooking as you keep your spoons you are cooking with? So look at this:


4. How many of you have actually used that piece of fabric that’s attached to your new dresses?


Dear readers it’s not there to mend your dress, it’s that so that you may use it to check the fabrics reaction to various detergents!

5. Why the cap of ballpoint has a hole in it?


Many people think that this hole is to prevent the pen ink from drying out while in fact it is to avoid suffocation. In case if someone, somehow swallows the cap, the hole in the cap lets the air pass through, keeping the person alive until medical help arrives!

anum usmananum usman

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