Things that you thought had no purpose!

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6.  Why can’t your jeans just have simple seams, why does it need studs?


As much as you dislike the studs on your jeans, they ought to be there! In the early days of jean, the labors wore it to work and their stressful work tore the jeans off easily, so Levi Strauss made his first Jeans with studs at the conspicuous parts to prevent the tear!

7. Ever noticed the arrow made next to your gas gauge picture?


This arrow indicates which side of the car is the gas cap located! It comes in handy especially if you are driving a rented or borrowed car!

8. The hole at the bottom of the lock


No it doesn’t help in opening the lock, it’s just to prevent the lock from rusting with rain water if used outdoors, and as the water drains out from this hole plus this hole can also be used to oil the lock.

9. The keyboard bumps!


Have you seen your keyboard closely enough to notice the bumps at the letter ‘F’ and ‘J’? These bumps aren’t useless these are there to make things easier for the typists. In 10-finger typing style these are the home keys, the index fingers rest here and the bumps helps the typist recognize the keys without looking the keyboard!

10. Why does Apple power cable has wings?


No dear, no matter how advance Apple is, the power cable won’t fly with those wings! Its just to give the wire a nice wrap!

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