Types of headache which reveals what is your health issue

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A headache is the most commonly occurring bodily pain which is experienced by every human being on the earth. Though, every person suffers from it but, every person experiences different types of a headache. Surprisingly these different types of a headache are actually revealing the health issue of which we are unaware and suffering. Here we are sharing some of the most common types. Match it with yours and give a visit to your physician.


1. Sinus Headache

This type of a headache occurs when there is an infection or inflamed sinus and usually they are accompanied by the fever and the pressure around the cheeks, the eyes and the nose.
Remedy: Intake of hot water or tea or soup with the ginger or eating fruits which are rich in Vitamin C will help inflammation, and also keeps your body hydrated.

2. Tension Headache

This is the most common headaches which are experienced. It is caused because of the feelings of pressure on your head especially at the back of the head or in the temples. Tension headaches are less severe than migraines. It occurs due to concentration of the neck or scalp muscles because of the stress.
Remedy: Ginger tea calms the imflammation and massage of scalp muscles and the neck will relax you from the pain.

3. Migraine

It is the worst pain. It mostly occurs during the age of 25-55 and also effects youngsters. It is the sign of neurological syptom and throbbing pain causing visual disturbance and feeling of nousea and vomiting, numbness on face and dizziness.
Remedy: Intake of riboflavin (vitamin B12), magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids in yourdiet will help you to reduce migraine.

4. Cluster

This type of pain only effect one part of the face. This type of pain is unbearale and reoccuring one causing watery eyes and nasal congection. It is caused when the nerve pathway in the pain is activated.
Remedy: Application of cayenne pepper in small amount to block the nerve pain signal.

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