15 Amazing Facts about Fruits You probably Don’t know

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For the plants, the fruits are the source of disseminating seeds. But for us humans, these fruits are a nutritious treat. Botanically fruits are a part of a part of flowering plants, derived from ovaries or tissues. Fruits not only provide life to nature by producing seeds, they also make up a component of providing life to humans as they are a source of important minerals and vitamins that are essential for living.

There are varieties of fruits that people throughout the world live eating. Fruits not only taste good, they act as health booster. From vitamins and iron to fiber and dieting, fruits are the best option. Fruits, without making you fat provide you energy and help you stay healthy, fit and active.
People talk about the benefits of eating fruits, some spread the word of fruits’ tendency to cure various diseases, but Here we have gathered some amazing facts about fruits for all the fruit lovers out there!

1. Apples float in the air as they are 25%.

Amazing Facts about Fruits

2. strawberries belong to the family of roses.


3. Grapes explode when you put them in microwave.


4. Tomatoes are world’s most popular fruit.


5. Apple tree has a life span of 100 years.

fact about apple

6. Orange is world’s favorite flavor after chocolate and vanilla.


7. Rubbing banana peel on forehead can help cure headache.


8. kiwi helps to intoxicate as its fuzzy fiber help bind and move toxins from the intestine.

amazing fact about kiwi

9. Watermelons in Japan are shaped in cubes to make sure better storage.


10. The fiber in bananas is used to make papers and fabric in many countries.

15 Awesome Fruits facts

11. Mango is known as the king of fruits.

facts about mango

12. Botanically tomatoes are fruits but in the US it is legally accepted as vegetable.


13. If you have grapefruit with some medication, it can kill you.

Amazing Facts about Fruits


14. Burning mango plant releases toxic fumes.

facts about mango

15. High potassium content in bananas triggers height growth.

Amazing Facts about Fruits

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