What Does Your Birthstone Reveal About Your Personality?

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Every month of Georgian calendar owes a stone which is also consider as the favorable or lucky charm for zodiac signs. Like zodiac signs, stones also represent traits and characteristics of personality according to the month in which one is born. Here are the stones according to the months and characteristics which a person owns.

1. January: Granet (Lab Corundum)

This stone is associated with love, faith, an increase in willpower and strength if a person will wear it.

2. February: Purple Amethyst (Cubic Zirconia)

Royalty, peace, and protection from darkness if a person wears it.

3. March: Aquamarine (Lab Spinel)

Improvement in overall happiness, strengthening married love, youth, love peace and hope are associated with aquamarine.

Amna AyubAmna Ayub

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