Couple killed by a Student of Florida College and Ate the Face of Victim

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According to Sheriff, that was a random attack and victims doesn’t had any relation with that 19 years old boy.

A student of 19 years old, of Florida College, on Monday, having a casual dinner with family at restaurant and suddenly in angry, rushed out and killed a couple and ate the face of one.

The police reached at the crime scene to get the teen and found the bodies at Tequesta, couple’s home, where body of man was lying at the drive way with the bites on face and the wife in the garage of the home along with the neighbor who was found stabbed for multiple times.

Harrouff was accused for the murder of two and taken to the near hospital in unconscious state. No traces of drugs were found, after conducting many tests. When checked in the database, he didn’t had any criminal record, he was an innocent kid and that attack was completely random and had no relationship with that couple according to Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

John Joseph Stevens was of 59 whereas his wife Michelle Karen Mishcon, was of 53 and had only a daughter Ivy Stevens.


Snyder said that there is no sense in this case. He further added that he is trying to comprehend the case. The most confusing part in the case is Harrouff is not capable to fit in typical description of a murderer. He has an excellent academic record and in sports too reported by Miami Herald.

For the weekend, Harrouff was at home with family and brothers at Tequesta. For dinner he went out at a sports bar with family, something made him angry might be slow service and he rushed out of the restaurant and stepped back towards his home when he saw Stevens family, with open gate, sitting in the garage as their usual habit.

He attached alleged with different objects and weapons in order to kill them. There was a lot violence in the garage Sheriff said. He also stabbed the neighbor who tried to stop him. The neighbour went away and called to the police and now he is under treatment for his wounds.

Snyder said that when the deputies arrived, they found Harrouff making animal noises while sitting on the body of Stevens. Three to four officers managed to pull Harrouff from the boody with immobilizer and K-9.
Snyder further added that after preliminary tests, no traces of drugs were found in Harrocuff’s body.
A strong, psychoactive like a bath salt, might be found if the in depth tests are conducted.

Tequeasta, Florida, 2015.


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