F-22 Raptor Grounded because of the Honey Bees Crew Discovers Thousands Of Bees’ Hanging From The Jet’s Exhaust Nozzle.

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The F-22 raptor being grounded by the U.S Air Force because of the honey bees.


Estimated 20,000 bees bevies on the exhaust nozzle of the raptor, weighing almost 8 pounds. The bee hive was safely shifted to local bee producer. It is one of the best fighter plane in the world,, but it has no difference for the bees for their comfortable home.

In Virginia, the cloud, found by the maintenance crew was later discovered to be a colony of honey bees resting on the exhaust nozzle of raptor F-22. After their shock, they safely moved that bee hive to a local producer instead of calling exterminator. This was found on June 11, at Joint Base Langley Eustis, on $150 million jet fighter.


Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Baskin, 192nd Maintenance Squadron crew chief said that he was also astonished after seeing the bee hive which seemed to be a cloud of the bees. He further said that he was sure that all they want is a new place and would not sting anyone. They consulted Andy Westrich, who was a retired US Navy and a bee keeper.

Why Bees where there?

It was said by the Experts that they came from a large hive and settled themselves on a jet fighters. they might used the jet as a resting spot, but they permanently settled there because mostly during spring time, they moved to a new place and also the bees choose their Queen bee.

Westrich said that it was the largest hive he ever seen. Bees usually takes half of their hive to a new place after selecting their Queen bee.

According to Baskin, Bees are important for food and many will die without them.

Specifications of F-22 Raptor


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