30 Funny Faces in Everyday Objects (#10 is Hilarious)

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Have you been seeing faces in every object you use? Early in the morning do you see a face in your coffee cup? Did you notice late at night that your dress on the chair seemed like a face which scared the hell out of you? Or did you just passed a sad looking building?? Not to worry at all, this is a state known as pareidolia which makes us see faces in every object. Look around you will see so many funny faces in nearby objects. When on your way to the office have you ever noticed the brake lights of the car in front passes on a smile? Did you ever realize that the postbox was really looking a bit serious today? Last night when you went to the toilet did you see the faucet face. Lol…is it that only I experience the state of pareidolia or does anyone else too notices it? I’d appreciate your response if you too experience it or else I will get myself an appointment from the psychologist’s office! :p

Top 30 Funny Faces Living Among You

1.Angry Clock

funny faces
Source via: boredpanda


2.Cool Looking BBQ Face

30 funny faces
Source via: bluesyemre.com


3.Onion Has an Evil Inside

Source via: boredpanda


4.Crying Wall

Source via: laughingsquid


5.Eggplant Face With A Long Nose

Source via: justsomething


6.Angry Mop

Source via: imgur


7.Helicopter Ready For Rescue

Source via: quicklol


8.Birds Make Face In The Sky

Source via: streetloop



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