Michael Phelps faced defeat from 21 years old Singaporean Swimmer in Rio and won the Gold Medal

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Rio Olympics is the hottest event now a days, with twists and turns and making new records for the next four years. Here, in swimming, there is a new twist in the event when a 21 years old Schooling of Singapore swimmer defeated Michael Phelps of United States and won the 1st gold medal for Singapuore.

joseph schooling

Michael Phelps was defeated by 100 meter butterfly by Schooling, who is just 21 years old. As the reward the Schooling will be paid with a handsome amount for winning the gold medal for the first time in the history of Singapore, and became a millionaire in Singapore because this country tops in the world for their prize money.

Those athlete who won the gold medal, gets 1 million Singaporean dollars for their success and Americans, who won the gold medal are paid 25000$ before deduction of the taxes.

Schooling, not only won the First gold medal, but also he snatched the the first position from M.Phelps who secures first position since 2004.

Amna AyubAmna Ayub

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